Hybrid Blockchain Platform Design

ECP Token (hereinafter referred to as “ECP”) is a next-generation hybrid blockchain platform designed by the ECOPIA Foundation, focusing on the blockchain technology of virtual assets with SCC (Smart Cryptocurrency), a technology partner, to grow with scalability under the theme of the global environment. designed to do.

Advantages of ECP Tokens
Transparent Donation Culture

By issuing and selling NFT tokens suitable for the purpose of the donation, it can create a trustworthy donation culture by transparently revealing whether the donation is being used at the right time and in the right place.

ECP Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding, which is carried out in the ECP token reward method, can connect developers and investors around the world without any restrictions on place and time, and it is possible to track whether the funds are properly used in real time.

Encouraging Environmental Campaigns

Participation points in environmental improvement are paid to participants in the environmental campaign as ECP tokens, and these points can be used as a means of re-donation or purchase of products at the ECP Goods Market.

Our Future Goals

The ECOPIA project is an environmental platform project based on blockchain. The goal is to build a mainnet in collaboration with global environmental organizations and companies that will contribute to improving the global environment for the present and the next generation.

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