ECOMETA Platform Development

ECOMETA Platform Service

ECP is preparing its own metaverse platform service. It will be used as a key virtual asset on the metaverse platform. “Metaverse” is a compound word of Meta and Universe. It is a three-dimensional virtual world, a midpoint between reality and virtuality. It is a revolutionary change comparable to the Internet. It is a space for comprehensive creation and an extension of reality through virtual space, acceptance, utilization, and user extensibility. Metaverse is establishing itself as a central platform in all industries including education, entertainment, games, content, culture, finance, and distribution.

Metaverse is evolving from virtual reality (VR, Virtual Reality) and augmented reality (AR, Augmented Reality) to mixed reality (MR, Mixed Reality) and extended reality (XR, eXtended Reality), augmented world, life logging world, mirror world. , the virtual world is complex.

We are not only block chain technology, but also SNS messenger technology, game and community technology, which are components of the metaverse platform, smart digital wallet technology, online shopping mall technology, NFT wallet and exchange technology, since we have technology, we are developing a metaverse platform.

EcoMeta Donation

A portion of the profits generated by the Ecometa platform service is donated

EcoMeta goods

Planning to support the production and sale of goods products that realize users' ideas within the Ecometa platform

EcoMeta Games

A game service using the eco-meta platform is planned. Plan to introduce a system for donating profits from game item sales

Our Future Goals

The ECOPIA project is an environmental platform project based on blockchain. The goal is to build a mainnet in collaboration with global environmental organizations and companies that will contribute to improving the global environment for the present and the next generation.

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