ECP Crowd Funding

ECP Crowd Funding

ECP crowdfunding will be conducted in the form of ECP Token or Product rewards to Eco-friendly products of companies that have signed a MOU with the ECOPIA Foundation in connection with the crowdfunding category of our website. In addition, the ECOPIA Foundation will also conduct donation and sponsorship-oriented funding programs related to environmental campaigns and various relief activities for investors and people around the world who think about the environment. Therefore, we plan to build an ecosystem of ECOPIA that meets the slogan of "Let's think more about the environment of the earth that is the base of our lives and act and practice for the future we will live in."

Booster role in eco-friendly product development
Transparent disclosure of funding flow
Proceed with donations and sponsorship funding at a certain rate

Our Future Goals

The ECOPIA project is an environmental platform project based on blockchain.

The goal is to build a mainnet in collaboration with global environmental organizations and companies that will contribute to improving the global environment for the present and the next generation.

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Inquiries regarding ECOPIA Foundation activities are welcome at any time.

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