NFT Market Service Development

ECP NFT Market Service

ECP is preparing its own NFT market service. ECP can be used as a means to trade NFTs, and NFT products are being planned as derivatives.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) means 'non-fungible token'. It is a means of converting the ownership of an asset into a unique token on the blockchain so that it has the same rights and qualifications as when it was owned in kind. You can call it “certificate”.

Ownership transactions, such as real estate and art

In general, transactions of real assets such as real estate and artworks are time-consuming and costly as many stakeholders and documents are involved. It is possible to block and manage false items and false information that disturb the real estate transaction order.

Securitization service for tangible and intangible assets

The advantage of NFT is that when a unique token is assigned to an asset, the transaction history remains in the record and cannot be forged or falsified. Available. In particular, partial ownership is recognized and can be traded like 1/n. In addition, access and management convenience are high in a wide range from small to large amounts.

Unique token allocation prevents counterfeiting and tampering

When NFT tokens are issued and traded as collateral for real assets, ECP will be used as a transaction tool, and the NFT market established by ECP will grow into a market specializing in NFT securitization services for tangible and intangible real assets. In this regard, we will cooperate with related professional companies and law firms, and develop into an international NFT brokerage platform for domestic and foreign investors

Our Future Goals

ECOPIA Foundation will revitalize the eco-friendly NFT market for artworks by converting them into NFTs after purchasing environmental-themed artworks. The NFT-ized actual works will be safely stored, and the profits from future exhibitions will be distributed to the purchasers of NFT-ized eco-friendly artworks.

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