‘SAVE’ Campaign

'SAVE' Series Campaign

The most important and unmissable element of the Earth (Sea, Land, Sky) is water
Among them, the ocean, which accounts for the largest proportion, is one of the very important resources for Earth's components. The ocean covers about 70 percent of the Earth's total area, which means that marine pollution is equivalent to destroying the Earth's ecosystem. So, the ECOPIA Foundation, in conjunction with ECP Token, will launch the "SAVE THE EARTH" campaign to save the planet in a more efficient and sustainable way. Furthermore, we will develop the campaign so that it can become an environmental alliance project at the global level, not one country.

The ECOPIA Foundation will further refine the concept of the existing "SAVE THE EARTH" campaign and conduct a campaign with three themes as follows : 1)SAVE THE SEA, 2)SAVE THE LAND, 3)SAVE THE SKY. Through this, we will continue to implement the goal of "reducing environmental pollution and protecting the Earth together.“ In connection with ECP Token, we will also update the plan for continuous campaign realization through reward method and goods purchase method.

Save the sea : Installation of ECOPIA Recycle Box on the Coastal and Beach

The central activity of the "Save the Sea" campaign is to install a Recycle Box that can throw away plastic bottles or glass bottles in tourist-riented beaches or beaches. If you tag the QR code in the ECOPIA wallet, the Recycle box will open, and if you tag the used plastic or glass bottle again after recycling, it will provide 1M of environmental mileage. When the compensated environmental mileage reaches 10M, it can be exchanged for  1 ECP Token. This token is accumulated in itself and has value as a  financial asset, as well as can be purchased at the goods shopping mall on the website.

Save the land : ECO-Town House to be built

The central activity of the "Save the land" campaign is the development of eco-friendly townhouses aimed at zero carbon emissions. In addition to energy efficiency, material recycling, and ventilation, which are the advantages of existing townhouses, we aim to build more diverse and useful eco-    townhouses by incorporating environmental moss cultivation activities, which are the central plan of the "Save the sky” campaign. In addition, air purification and insulation performance can be expected to be improved by installing a bench to reduce fine dust using sand moss, and installing an eco-friendly graffiti space using moss on one side of the outer wall of the townhouse building. Also, it is possible to create a green exterior wall even in winter by utilizing the characteristics of green moss in all four seasons, and create an eco-friendly landscape.

Save the sky : Construction of Wall Greening System in the City

The central activity of the "Save the sky" campaign is the creation of a wall greening system in the city using sand moss. Wall greening covers the walls of buildings or structures with trees or flowers, and plants can be planted on the walls of buildings and artificially created surfaces such as elevated roads, piers, and concrete retaining walls to create a sense of comfort as if in nature. Currently, the need for building rooftop and wall greening is growing amid a vicious cycle of increasing electricity use for cooling and carbon dioxide emissions due to global warming. As a tree for wall greening, sand moss developed and prepared by the Ecopia Foundation could be an alternative to the problems of existing wall greening. The sand moss can be constructed anywhere, including walls, narrow areas, and weak  roofs, and does not require soil, nor does it require maintenance such as watering, trimming, weeding or insect repellent. Therefore, it has a great advantage that it can be constructed and left unattended.

Our Future Goals

The ECOPIA project is an environmental platform project based on blockchain.

The goal is to build a mainnet in collaboration with global environmental organizations and companies that will contribute to improving the global environment for the present and the next generation.

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