Our Story

Our story

ECOPIA Foundation Establishment

According to the '2020 World Risk Report' released ahead of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, climate change and other environmental problems were selected as the world risk factors most likely to be encountered in the 2020s. One in every person dies from environmental pollution. As technology advances, various environmental problems, including global warming, are appearing, and the ECOPIA Foundation was established as an organization that thinks more about the earth's environment, which is our home, and acts and practices for the future we will live in.

The ECOPIA Foundation will partner with companies that advocate ESG management and environmental groups around the world to build an ECOPIA ecosystem for environmentally conscious investors and ECP Token users.

  • E - Environment
  • S - Social
  • G - Governance
Our story

ECOPIA Platform

Our story

ECOPIA's New Ecosystem

ECOPIA provides reliable information to investors on the products of companies that have signed MOUs through blockchain technology, and at the same time, as the number of eco-friendly products (carbon credits, production of eco-friendly products, etc.) Compensation for ECOPIA Token or direct investment.

ECOPIA self-produced eco-friendly goods and eco-friendly products of companies that have signed an MOU with the ECOPIA Foundation will build a platform that can be paid with ECP Token, and will develop ECOPIA-exclusive NFTs to activate free P2P transactions.

ECOPIA Foundation will produce and distribute environmental-related continuous P2E (Play to Earn) for various investors and people around the world who care about the environment. ECOPIA P2E users can be rewarded with ECP Tokens through the game and can own ECOPIA characters. Characters you own can be stored in a dedicated wallet or sold through the NFT market.

ECOPIA Foundation will revitalize the eco-friendly NFT market for artworks by converting them into NFTs after purchasing environmental-themed artworks. The NFT-ized actual works will be safely stored, and the profits from future exhibitions will be distributed to the purchasers of NFT-ized eco-friendly artworks. Characters you own can be stored in a dedicated wallet or sold through the NFT market.

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